Who Are We?

The Onel Group International was founded in 2008 and specializes in commodities, such as precious metals, precious stones, energy and agricultural commodities. We are rapidly becoming one of the region’s leading commodity trading companies.

At Onel Group International, we are powered by expertise and driven by values. We strive to be a reliable and competitive partner in the markets in which we operate.

Our mission is to support our clients and suppliers at each stage of their expansion and development.
Our partners around the world include sovereigns, institutions and other major corporations involved in a wide range of industries.

Our products originate from Onel Group International’s exclusive supply channels and mining operations directly.
Onel Group International also provides tailored financing and international banking solutions, as well as logistics and other supply chain services to producers and consumers of commodities. Our vision is to meet and exceed our partners’ and suppliers’ expectations.

Meet The Team

Onel Group International is owned by its members, forming an alliance of entrepreneurs in which everyone works together for the mutual benefit of our partners and our company.
We maintain local representatives in regions around the world where our key commodities are sourced and traded.

Our headquarters team routinely travels to remote locations where we have commodity point of origin sourcing contracts.

When combined, the total team provides an extensive knowledge of local markets, local customs, local politics, security risks, sourcing opportunities, local banks and transport options which helps us to significantly reduce the risks and increase the probability of success for each transaction.
We have the right people and the right information.


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