Onel Group International offers consulting services to companies that wish to penetrate emerging markets.

With our support, you will be able to effectively place your products in markets such as Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America without having to create an internal international sales department thereby cutting overall time and monetary costs.

International Consultancy Service International Sales Department

Are you interested in learning how your products would be received in the international arena ?

Are you curious to learn about international negotiations and marketing strategies that have proven to be most successful for our clients ?

Onel Group International will conduct a thorough market analysis and evaluate the potential and competitiveness of your products for the markets you are interested in.

Our services include in-depth project management and thorough analysis designed to help you and your products establish a strong presence in your market of choice.

Many companies today are looking to expand their business horizons by exploiting new international markets but do not have the needed capital to create an in-house international sales department.

By outsourcing your international sales department with Onel Group International, you will accomplish your goals of expansion without having to invest major sums of time and capital. With our extensive sales and marketing experience we can commit to serving your best interests and showing you timely results; your products will be added to our exclusive portfolio and you will gain access to our extensive database of clients and representatives around the world!


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